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Modern life can be incredible. Modern technology has allowed us to fly halfway across the world in hours, run a steaming, luxurious hot bath whenever we want one, save lives with modern medicine, send a Rover to Mars & order food from any one of ten different cultural cuisines to our door in 20 minutes flat. The best of Hollywood can be beamed into our living room at any time if we need a relaxing Netflix & chill session after a hard days’ work and video calling our relatives on another continent for a quick chat has already become second nature. Pretty cool.    

But there is a downside that comes at a cost of that convenience.

Gaining Weight

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One of the biggest costs of the convenience that we’ve come to enjoy as a natural part of modern living is actually the cost to the American economy in the form of healthcare, where our modern lives have forced us into a lifestyle that revolves around high stress, sedentary living & consumption of calorie-rich, nutrient-poor food & beverages. The combination has caused us to gain weight to a level never seen before. Consider that today’s American eats the same amount of sugar in two WEEKS that their forefathers of 200 years ago ate in two years, & that the average weight of a woman today is the same as that of a man in the 1960’s!

Obesity costs the American economy $147 billion a year, while it costs employers over double the amount per employee in medical claims, sick days, short-term disability, and workers’ compensation when compared to non-obese workers. Compounded by the high-stress levels of modern American employees (which causes the American economy an estimated $300bn a year), and unprecedented access to cheap, unhealthy food, it has become harder than ever before to stay healthy or to do something about it if the pounds start to creep on.

Weight Gain & Obesity: A Modern Epidemic

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Did you know that, right now, over 40% of adults in the U.S. are obese? That’s 70 million of us, of which roughly 35 million (50%) are women. 99 million of us fall in the overweight category (around 45 million of which are women) & we are more sedentary than we ever have been at any point in human history. While 25% of us aren’t physically active AT ALL, a startling 60% of us do not get the recommended amount of daily physical activity we need. We now sit down for an average of 6.5 hours a day (8 hours for teenagers!) & use our phones over 3.5 hours a day. That’s a lot of sedentary living which we often can’t avoid, or which we have little energy to rectify around our busy lives & jobs.

The reality is, juggling work, school runs, commuting & so many other responsibilities make it nigh on impossible to prioritize a healthy diet, fitness & activity. What makes matters worse is that there are just so many conflicting messages out there about what exercises you should do, what diet you should follow, or what vitamins you should take.

Sometimes it’s just a lot more convenient to let the experts step in for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your many commitments!

The Doctors Studio Solution

That is exactly where the Doctors Studio comes in. We realize how busy you are already, & that you need an intelligent, results-driven solution, so we do the hard work for you by running the health tests that you need, identifying the microbiomes, toxins & pathogens that might be holding you back, checking toxicity levels, finding out about any undiagnosed health problems that you might have (e.g., leaky gut), checking for vitamin & mineral deficiencies that could be making fat loss more difficult (e.g., a chronic lack of Omega fats, calcium & magnesium), checking for hormonal imbalances, screening for thyroid issues, offering full functional medical tests, & checking for food intolerances. The sum total of all of this screening is that when you DO embark on a healthy eating and diet plan….it will WORK.

We also offer comprehensive lifestyle, nutrition & exercise evaluations, and recommendations, such as the Lean Body System which our clients have seen excellent results with.

We are ready to help you and ready to listen, ready to sensitively approach a topic that can make all of us feel self-conscious. We will help you reach your goal, not with the generalized, generic recommendations you might be used to seeing on the Internet, but with the highly tailored, extremely customized, intelligent medically focused approach that you need that takes a progressive, holistic, full-body approach. We want you to get long-term results, see your hard work pay off, and know that we’ve optimized your health in such an incredible way that you feel like a new you.

Why Aren’t I Seeing Results?

Have you ever thought ‘Hey? I’m busting my ass here and getting nowhere?

It’s happened to a lot of people.

It could be that you are being held back by chronically high cortisol levels caused by a high level of undiagnosed toxicity & inflammation in your body. Perhaps your thyroid is not functioning the way it should, or perhaps an undiagnosed health condition is causing edema (fluid retention), giving you the impression of holding more bodyweight than you should.

Perhaps low testosterone is your issue, which means that all of those hard hours you’ve spent pumping iron in the gym aren’t paying off. If you’re fighting a wheat allergy, you’ll feel bloated, gassy & fatigued, hiding fat loss or muscle gain – hardly an optimal state for getting and staying fit, or staying motivated. Weight gain might be – unknown to you – causing sleep apnea which impacts on sleep, which impacts on leptin, which impacts on making you feel hungrier. Then dieting becomes harder. The complexities at play are really something to behold!

The reasons can be complex and sometimes only medically trained clinicians can get to the bottom of them for you.

Burnout & Weight Gain

Chronic work stress &/or the strain of juggling family & a career is another major, common culprit, might have caused you to suffer burnout &/or adrenal fatigue, both of which are closely correlated to weight gain. Interestingly, a 2020 study found that a whopping 76% of working Americans are currently suffering from burnout! – which means that you might be, too, and that it will subsequently feel far harder to you to be able to shift those few extra pounds that are bothering you.

Why does stress cause weight gain? The main reason for this is because chronic stress triggers the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn leads to the body storing fat cells in the abdominal area, promoting the development of fatty liver disease, making us become fatter, & increasing our vulnerability to a whole host of diseases.

Let’s face it, constant messages to lose weight, images of perfect bodies on social media & comments that we should just go to the gym more are unhelpful & add to that stress. Where, you think, will you find the time to go to the gym? Where exactly do you begin? And why, if you haven’t seen your hard work pay off before, should you feel motivated to try again and again? These factors can feel so overwhelming that you end up throwing in the towel before you’ve even gotten started.

An Approach that Works

What it really comes down to is this. Many fitness trainers & diet program leaders simply say ‘eat less, move more’ but it really isn’t that simple. What you really need is an intervention that takes into account your overall health, a medically backed, scientific approach, & a team who really cares. If we find dysfunction, we fix it, then we optimize your health. If you are taking steps to lose weight, we make sure they are the right steps and ones that are not being held back by illness, inflammation, toxins, or any other issues.

Only with this kind of comprehensive, specific approach can you achieve the life-changing, permanent weight loss that you need, deserve & are truly capable of.

Optimize your Health to Optimize your Physique

Engaging with the Doctors Studio to achieve your physique goals won’t just mean that you lose weight. You’ll also feel more incredible than you will have ever felt in your life, free of any underlying dysfunction, topped-up with the exact minerals, vitamins & nutrients you need to optimize your life, your happiness & your wellness, feeling super-charged & with a better knowledge of your body than you’ve ever had before. You’ll be empowered to make healthy choices in the future, making the whole healthy living process that much easier.

You’ll know if there are any dysfunctions or conditions getting in your way, so you might find that hormonal treatments might fire up your metabolism, making it far easier to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of – or that anti-toxicity or microbiome treatments cancel out that gas, bloating & indigestion that you’ve been finding so embarrassing – on a permanent basis. Standard diets you might find out there on the Internet won’t address ANY of these underlying health issues, leaving you to continually wonder why your hard work just isn’t paying off – and robbing you of the achievements you deserve when you try so hard to diet & exercise.

Here’s just a few causes of weight gain that regular fitness trainers & weight loss specialists might never mention, or lack the medical knowledge to even know about – but that we know could hold the key to the results that you are looking for:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Food Allergy and Sensitivity
  • Inflammation due to food reactivity
  • Swelling and edema (caused by stress, undiagnosed dysfunction, food intolerances, etc.)
  • Postnasal drip and gastric reflux
  • BS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), and Dysbiosis (disruption to gut microbiota homeostasis)
  • Toxicity (e.g., pollution, metals)
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Insulin and Leptin Resistance 
  • Insomnia
  • GI (Gastrointestinal tract) bacteria, fungus, virus, parasitic infection

Make the Change

Now is the greatest time to make the change to get results. It might also be a time when you are experiencing a major hormonal change – the perimenopause & menopause – which might have caused recent weight gain that you now simply cannot shift. We can help you solve this problem by testing, treating & optimizing your hormones to make you look and feel like YOU again.

Achieve the Results that you Deserve!

The stresses & strains of modern life have led to an epidemic in weight gain and obesity, with the sheer vastness of unhealthy foods and beverages out there – and a heavy workload – making it feel virtually impossible to shift the pounds. Call us today to get to the bottom of anything & everything that might have caused you to gain weight – or fail to shift it – and we are ready to listen with a sensitive ear, and an incredibly efficient approach,& the life-changing results that you want, need & deserve!

Contact the Doctors Studio today if you or someone you love would benefit from our weight loss treatments, therapies & interventions!

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